A slower-paced class that incorporates fundamental yoga postures and principles to help start or deepen your yoga practice. Perfect for beginners or those with a beginners’ mind who want to establish or realign a practice. Appropriate options and modifications offered for all levels. For adults or kids 15 and up.


Adapted Yoga

A class that relies on props and modifications to adapt to your needs – chairs, blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps may be incorporated.

Moving at a relaxed pace, this class is accessible and adapts to anyone with a physical restriction or contraindication. Appropriate for all levels including first-timers and those with limitations. For adults or kids 15 and up.



A flow-based class linking breath to movement to create a meditative experience. Class will move at a moderate pace and will include options and modifications to accommodate all levels and abilities from beginners to more seasoned practitioners.

Heated options available - 85 degrees. For adults or kids 16 and up – all levels.


Power Vinyasa

A vigorous flow-based yoga class designed to build strength, stamina, and growth in your practice. Class will include dynamic sequences with opportunities to practice more challenging poses.

Heated options available - 85 degrees. For adults or kids 16 and up – previous yoga experience helpful.


Restorative Yoga

A relaxing class as the perfect balance to our fast-paced culture. Each class includes a handful of poses held for several minutes. Guided meditation, calming mindful breathing, and props may all be used to help aid towards complete relaxation. For adults or kids 15 and up – all levels.


Family Yoga

A fun and playful class for families with kids ages 10(ish!) & under featuring yoga games and activities designed to strengthen bodies and relax minds.

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Yoga Story Time

45 minutes of stories, play, and bonding for a caregiver and child(ren) 5-ish & under.

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