10 Things to Know About The Yoga Zen

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Wow – I’m a little incredulous that we’re open, and have been for just over a week! It’s been fun and tiring and I’ve loved seeing each of our classes get going this week and meeting so many of you!

Since we’re new around here, I wanted to share more in response to the questions, comments, and feedback we’ve been getting so far.  Thank you all for sharing it!

  1. We’re 1 Week Old!

    We’re less days old as there are things on this list so if you haven’t been in to see us yet, no worries, we’re just getting started! 

    We’re open a variety of times throughout the week – we have 27 classes! – and someone will be at the studio 30 minutes before classes start. We lock our doors 5 minutes after class starts, though, for security purposes and to minimize distractions for those in class.

  2. Park Like a VIP

    You can park in the main D&W parking lot in front of Sprint or Rite Aid and walk the tree-lined sidewalk to our entrance behind Sprint – it’s lovely, and extra steps never hurt anyone! – OR you can drive behind the building and park in our exclusive lot by the front door.

  3. We’re Beginner & New Student to the Studio Friendly

    I’ve loved seeing how many brand new and new-ish yogis have come through our doors, and it’s been great to get feedback about how judgment-free, friendly, and relaxed people feel like the studio is.  The Essential class is the perfect fit for someone who feels like they have more to learn about yoga, such as beginners, and me too, by the way! The Vinyasa classes are all-levels, too, with lots of options and modifications offered for everyone.

    Your first class at the studio is only $5 and that goes for Family Yoga & Yoga Story Time too, $5 for the whole family your first time!  And our new student special gives you the most bang (bend?) for your buck – unlimited yoga for 30 days and only $35! 

  4. We Have a Zen Den – Massage Room

    Not sure yoga is for you? That’s cool. Want the perfect complement to your yoga practice? Ok! We’ve got massage – 60 and 90 minutes, regular and deep tissue.  And energetic bodywork – reiki and AromaTouch treatments. And a cozy, den-like, zen-like atmosphere.

    Our massage and bodywork providers have online bookable hours Monday-Thursday.  Don’t see a day or time that works for you?  Email me at theyogazen@gmail.com and  we’ll work to coordinate a time for you.

  5. What About Chair Yoga?

    Our Adapted class at 10:30am on Mondays and 9:30am on Wednesdays can be done entirely from a chair – and often incorporates the chair as a prop.  This class moves at a slower pace and is accessible and adapts to anyone with a physical restriction or contraindication.

  6. Heated or Not?

    We’re not a hot yoga studio, but, we offer heated power vinyasa classes at 6am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Wish we had different heated class times?  Let us know – we’re in the beginning stages of our schedule and are open to changes!

  7. 7 Different Types of Classes

    We have 7 different types of classes each week – including options for you and your kids!

  8. Workshops & Series

    We’ll regularly offer special classes and class series – such as Meditation Workshops, Kids Only Yoga, and more – sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out on future events. 

  9. Late Policy & Studio Etiquette

    Our FAQ’s cover a lot about what else to expect for a yoga class at The Yoga Zen. 

  10. Do I have to sign up online?

    If you didn’t read our FAQ link (yet!) this is probably our most “frequently asked” frequently asked question.  And the answer is “no” – you can just show up for class without signing up ahead of time.  The reason, though, that you might want to is that we have a capacity of 25 and if we reach capacity before we know you’re coming … no yoga class for you.

    If you sign up online and you end up not coming – it’s helpful if you also cancel your registration before class.

Anything else you want to know about us?  Come on in, I’d love to meet you and chat!

Shanti (peace) –