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A little bit about me

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My name is Lynn Bailey-Lake and I am a Reiki Master and AromaTouch Practitioner.  I am from Plymouth Massachusetts and moved to the Grand Rapids area a year ago.  I have two wonderful adult children Andrew and Jocelyn and a beautiful granddaughter Lily.  I have been married to my remarkable husband Jim for 34 years and am so grateful for how he makes me laugh everyday.  

My Reiki journey began in 2010 when I took the Reiki 1 training from two nurses at the hospital where I worked; I found it interesting and meaningful but did not pursue it any further for nearly five years.  It was not until 2015 that the idea of exploring Reiki further floated up again.  At the time I wasn’t sure how I would find a teacher, then remembered a good friend of mine telling me that, “when we are searching for someone to help us in this life, they are also searching for you”. 

When leaving the gym one day I saw a postcard with an invitation to Reiki Meditation.  I was very excited and saw it as a sign, because how many gyms do you know that have Reiki Meditation?  I called the number and the woman told me she was not a Reiki Teacher, but knew someone who was.  That is how I met Marie.  She is a wonderfully spiritual and knowledgeable Reiki Master and it has been an honor to sit at her feet and learn about Reiki.  She gave me the tools to pursue what I believe is my life’s calling.  To be a conduit for healing.                                          

Japanese Characters for Reiki

Japanese Characters for Reiki

 A little bit about Reiki…   

Rei and Ki

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words Rei and Ki.  Rei is the upper character and Ki is the lower character. 

The word Rei means higher knowledge or universal consciousness.  The work Ki is life energy or universal life force.  Therefore Reiki can be defined as “universe guided life energy”. 

How Reiki Works

We are alive because life energy flows through us.  The free and balanced flow of life energy is the cause of health.  When life energy is disrupted by trauma, illness, emotions, it causes the physical body to be out of balance.  

During a Reiki treatment, life force energy is channeled through the Reiki practitioner by laying their hands on the client, or just above the client, if the client prefers. The life force energy flows through the practitioner, but it is not the practitioner’s energy.  This is a subtle but important distinction.  The practitioner is a vessel of the infinite source of life force energy with the power to balance the clients’ energy field restoring balance that creates the optimal conditions needed for healing.  During the treatment a client may experience some warmth or coolness, tingling, or see colors or visuals. 

Reiki Benefits

  • Promotes the highest healing good

  • May be used in conjunction with other healing modalities

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Functions on all levels, mental, spiritual, physical and emotional

  • Decreases anxiety, stress and depression

  • Improves sleep

  • Improves concentration and clarity

A little bit of gratitude…

Reiki has been around for a long time, yet not many people have heard of it.  I hope my first ever blog has given you the information you need to start your road to healing. Thank you for spending the time to read it. Thank you to Catherine for inviting me to join her on her Yoga Zen journey.  I am grateful… 

Peace Be Within