What should I expect?

We love newcomers and try very hard to make them feel welcome!  Upon arrival you’ll store your belongings in the lobby including phones, purses, shoes, socks, and coats.  Our lobby is secured and/or staffed.

If it’s your first time, and you haven’t pre-registered online, you’ll fill out a waiver prior to class.

Each type of class will offer you a different experience, please read our class descriptions and give us a call if you’re not sure which class is right for you.

Please stay through the end of class (savasana).  If you have extenuating circumstances and need to leave early—please let the instructor know before class and place your mat near the exit. 

What’s your policy about being late to class?

We don’t like turning people away, but to minimize distractions, we don’t let people into class 0 - 5 minutes in, and for security reasons our lobby doors will be locked.

Do I have to sign up for class online?

Nope; though, class sizes are limited, so signing up online is encouraged.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that is relatively form-fitting.

What do I bring?

A mat (if you have one) and some water.  We have mats and props to borrow at no cost.

What if I’m not flexible?

Flexibility is not required - if you can breathe, you can do yoga.

Will yoga conflict with my religion?

No.  People of all faiths practice yoga.  Yoga offers exercises that, if done regularly, can lead to growth, change, and relaxation in your body and mind.  It does not require that you believe anything in order to experience the benefits—yoga is not a religion.